Our menus

Western Menus

Crispy Garden Salad
Fish & Mushroom Pie or Fish Mousse
Spanish Chicken
Continental Chicken

Honey Roast Pork with Grilled Pineapple
Parsley Potato

Vegetable Lasagne

Fresh Garden Salad with Apples & Grapes

Baked Crab
Fillet of Modha with Lemon Butter Sauce
Crumbed Fried Seer with Tartar Sauce
Continental Chicken
Baked Spinach

Green Garden Salad
Tuna Salad
Sliced Roast Pork with Tamarind Sauce
Continental Chicken   

Mutton Lasagne
Seafood Lasagne

   Fresh Seasonal Sauté Vegetables

Fresh Garden Salad
Pasta Alfronso

Assorted Cold Cuts Platter

Grilled Seer with Fennel & Lemon Butter Sauce    

Fillet Wellington with Mushroom Sauce

Freshly Baked Tuna and Green Bean Salad
Assorted Pasta with Pesto Salad
Roast Potato and Chicken Ham Salad
Orange and Roast Beef Salad
Mixed Garden Salad with Green Apple
(Select Any Three)

Tuna and Kidney Bean Salad
Sausage and Potato Salad German Style
Fresh Garden Salad
Coleslaw with Green Apple
Seafood Salad with Orange and Grapes
(Select Any Three)